英作文100本ノックでマスターできる「英単語の使い分け」1 by 梅田英会話



The detective novel deals with murder on an express train.


treat with… 取り扱い注意、というニュアンス

deal with… 使用範囲が広く、特にビジネスで使われる

cope with… 対象に変化を与えずにうまく付き合う、切り抜ける



I was fortunate the illness was discovered before it got too serious.

・illness 長期にわたる病気

・disease 特定の病気・感染症(○○ diseaseという表現が多い)



When you’re under the weather, see a doctor as soon as possible.

・be[feel] under the weather (with…) (~で)体の具合が悪い

・be not feeling well めまいや吐き気

・be in bad shape 非常に体調が悪い



Finally, the days of gender equality have come.


age — the Stone Age, the Ice Age, the Space Age, the Internet Ageなど非常に大きな文明論的な規模もしくは抽象概念で括られる時代

era — 個人や出来事に象徴される時代

period — 学者が区別する時代



This restaurant is always empty, isn’t it?

※vacant — 座席が空いているときに使う



Agricultural products account for a large portion of America’s exports.


ratio  2つの量の大きさの比率を表す(the ratio of A to B)

rate   何らかの基準値を基に測定した場合の比率・割合

portion 全体に対するその一部の比率関係(the portion of A to[in] B)



The ratio of working-age adults paying taxes to support the elderly is declining, especially in developed countries.

※生産年齢 working age / productive age


support/ feed 扶養する

bring up / raise 子供を育てる


elderly people / the elderly / senior citizen / older people



Salt absorbs moisture[humidity].


absorb + 液体・気体・熱・光・音

suck in[up] + 知識

soak up + 液体・音

assimilate + 食物



Don’t you think it would be better to display your merchandise where more people could see it?


product 生産側から見た「製品」

goods   消費者側から見た商品

merchandise 商取引される商品

commodities 農作物、日用品など原材料から加工された取引所で扱う商品

item  商品や製品に限らず、幅広く使用できる



The police thought she held the key to finding the murderer[homicide].


hold the key to + 名詞/動名詞

have the 名詞/動名詞 in one’s hands

※the answer to the questionも同じ型



I have an appointment to see the dentist [with the dentist].

※make a reservation 場所取りの予約をする(ホテル、飛行機など)

make an appointment 人と会う予約をする(美容院、病院など)

※book a room at the Hilton hotel ☞ bookは予約台帳という意味

reserve a room at the Hilton hotel ☞ レストランならreserve a table



Should I schedule the meeting for Thursday morning?

※schedule 内容 for 日時



Japanese people tend to use vague[ambiguous] expressions.


vague — 詳細な部分が不明瞭

ambiguous — 複数の解釈ができるために不明瞭

obscure — 事柄が不明瞭



She didn’t know how to express her emotions.


feeling 喜怒哀楽などの一般的感情

emotion 態度に表れた強い感情

sentiment 感情の混じった思考,感傷



Many people prefer to travel in their own country rather than to go abroad.

・prefer 名詞/ Ving to 名詞/ Ving

prefer to-V rather than (to-)V / Ving

・rather 名詞/ Ving/V than 名詞/ Ving

= 名詞/ Ving rather than 名詞/ Ving/V

I’d rather go bowling than go golfing.



This is good with rice. / This goes well with rice.

※be suitable for[to]は、この内容では不可

※彼は赤が似合う。He looks good in red.(He suits red clothes.はマレ)



I’ve gained so much weight over the winter that I can’t fit into my summer clothes.

※大きさ、形が~に合う fit into…

       This cake should fit into the box.



There are many obstacles to approving new drugs after their discovery.

※名詞 to 名詞/Ving、のパターン

例、the key to …

※多くの障害に遭遇する encounter[meet with] many obstacles



You live in such nice surroundings with so much green.

※surroundings 物理的環境

environment 人の感情、モノの見方に影響を与える環境(不加算だが、具体なら加算)

学習環境 a learning environment



I have to get my eyes examined.


have an eye exam[test]

have[get] one’s eyes examined[tested/checked] ★takeは不可



Many Japanese wedding ceremonies are held in churches and lots of funeral services take place at temples.

※take place 予定されていたことが起こる

※happen / occur 偶然起こる



My wife didn’t protest when I quit my job.

※protest [他V] ~を主張する、~に異議を申し立てる

[自V] protest against…  ~に異議を申し立てる

※criticize 人 for …

※blame 人 for…[that SV…] 責任を問う

※accuse 人 of 怠惰など

※reproach 人 for[with] … 腹立ち



You’re so tanned. Aren’t you worried about the dangers[risks] of ultraviolet rays?

  • I worry about… は、普段から心配しているときに使う
  • I’m worried about …
  • I’m worrying about…は、マレ